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Individual Care Program

Besides all the work she does to help schools, churches, clinics and the community at as a whole, Jean Colarusso also takes a personal interest in helping individuals.

She has committed to helping with the care and education of this family of 8 with blind parents and six small children to raise.

She is also purchasing a powered scooter for Emmanual, who has been crippled by polio.

These are just a couple of the many individuals Jean Colarusso has helped over the years at her own expense.
individual care,Friends of the Poor,Africa,Jean Colarusso
Jean Colarusso with mother and father and four of their six children. Both mother and father are blind. Jean has commited her personal recources to care for and educate this family.


Friends of the Poor,Africa,Jean ColarussoJean Colarusso and Emmanual, who she is getting a powered scooter for.
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